Friday, October 28, 2005

One of my favorite pictures

Rox (not Roz, Heather you dufus. Remind me not to post when I have a raging headache and balancing work checkbooks at the same time. Can ya tell how hard I work?) has a great contest going on over at her blog. We are supposed to post our favorite picture from our wedding. Since I hated most of the pics from our wedding, I'll post one of my favorites of my Brian.

Image hosted by

This was taken the first time we went down to the orphanage the foundation I work for sponsors in Mexico. The girl in the blue jacket on the right is The Princess and she is pushing Yami, the girl we sponsor, on the swing. My favorite part of the picture, though, is Brian holding hands with Yazmin (another girl at the orphanage) while they are swinging. That little girl adored Brian and followed him around all day. I think the feeling was very mutual. This picture reminds me of his kind and gentle heart and all of the many reasons I love him.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Stuck on Sleeve Island

I'll admit, the first time I read that expression over on Wendy's blog, I had no idea what the big deal was. Now I do. Why is it that sleeves seem to take for-ev-er?


Don't you love the picture taken on the bushes in my front yard? The flash kept washing out the color inside, so outside we went. Yea, those are Halloween lights. We love Halloween 'round these parts.

Back to the sleeves. I'm doing both at once so that they match perfectly. Because we all know what a retentive freak I can be. But I swear, they are taking longer than both fronts did. Sarah gave me an excellent tip last night that I'll pass on to my thousands, hundreds, errr...dozens (?) of readers. When doing a "make one" increase, knit in the back of the stitch which will twist it and you won't be left with a little hole. Brilliant, isn't she? I'm really hoping to be done with the sleeves sometime before Christmas this weekend. Yes, a girl can dream.

Last night rocked. Met up with my knitting friends for wine, great food, knitting and more wine. I had the best time. I have made some really wonderful friends and I look forward to Tuesday nights every week.

Now, I'm sure that every single one of you remembers that the Baseball Star is grounded because of his grades until Progress Reports come out. He however, continues to "forget". He claims that he is working hard on his homework every ::whine:: single ::whine:: minute. Uh huh.

doing my homework

Working hard, isn't he? Apparently now he suffers from narcolepsy because every single day he is ::whine:: so ::whine:: tired ::whine:: mom that he just falls asleep every day after school. Uh huh. Gee, if I gave him his Xbox back do you think he would find some more energy to play all night?

I knew you would agree.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Things that make you go hmmm....

Should this depress me?

My blog is worth $12,984.42.
How much is your blog worth?

Shouldn't that be in the millions? We know how funny I am, don't we? Right?

Last night was a little better in Casa de la Cranky Teenagers. Jeez, man. One of these days the Princess' head is just going to spin all the way around. Wonder if there is some freak show money out there to be had if I take a movie of one of her meltdowns? Too funny, I tell ya.

I so need a few glasses of tequila wine at dinner with my friends tonight...

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Monday, October 24, 2005


You know life is driving you crazy when you would think of prison as a vacation. Really! Think about it. If you overlook the possibility of getting raped or the bugs or rats, it looks pretty good, huh? No phone, no TV, no email, no screaming PMS crazed teenagers, your meals are cooked for you and if you behave badly enough you get solitary confinement! Solitary! Know what that means? You are allll alone. No one talks to you, no one is fighting over who is supposed to clean which pot because it was your turn yesterday and I did your laundry and Moooommmm...sorry, got carried away there for a minute. Think they would let me bring the book I've been trying to read for a month and my knitting? Parents of teenagers, you know you are nodding your head in agreement. Prison is looking really good right now. I'm just saying.

Work is usually my solace. It is quiet here (most of the time, huge fundraiser not withstanding), I can get my work done in relative peace and my boss only is in once a month at the most. Not today. Today he is pissed. Why? Because I forwarded him email on a project that he doesn't want me involved in. Apparently, being polite and forwarding the email constitutes me working on said project. I should have trashed it and been a bitch. Pardon moi.

Let's review. PMSing Princess who recently dumped The Boyfriend, bored Baseball Star who is grounded until Progress Reports and now is going to drive us all crazy with his never-ending chatter and sucking up, cats who are possessed and feel this overwhelming need to shred toilet paper and chew holes in my robe and now toss in a job where I'm in trouble for being polite. Told you prison wasn't such a bad place. Wonder what I can do that won't hurt anyone, will only give me a week in solitary with my knitting and won't go on my permanent record.

Oh, and just in case that wasn't enough. Do you remember the picture of the screwed up sweater front? Remind me to never frog at night. Why? Because the front was fine. Yep, I had done it right the first time.

They're coming to take me away, ha ha. They're coming to take me away, ho ho, he he, ha ha. To the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time....

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

And I thought my stash was bad? this is a stash. Check out the August 28th entry at Penny Knits. Holy cow! I showed Brian the picture and I think he paled in what could be interpreted as a glimpse of what could happen to our house. I told him the upside is she is insulating the attic! That failed to impress him. Heh.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

I'm on a diet

A yarn diet, that is. Today I decided to re-organize the stash and inventory what I have. Holy crap.

Image hosted by

This doesn't even include what I'm currently working on. The yarn on the couch is slated for specific projects. Starting at the left we have Manos for a hat, Karaoke for a hat and a purse, Cotton Ease for a sweater, Wool Ease in Olive for a sweater for my father-in-law, Luster Sheen for a vest, Bamboo for a vest, boucle for couch pillows, plum colored thread for another vest, Cotton Ease for another sweater, assorted cotton for 2 sweaters and a purse. Clearly this could take years to accomplish.

On the left of the couch is a bin of acrylic yarn I have no clue what will become, the same with the Target yarn in front of it. Traveling toward the right is some yarn for charity knitting, Nature Spun for who knows what (want to bet a purse?), yarn for at least 6 pairs of socks, lace mohair for a shawl and scarf, assorted cotton for dishcloths (yea, like I'll ever make them) and finally the yarn I bought for the Knitty Gritty Aran Afghan.

Could someone please tell me how the hell I'm going to use up all this?

And just when I thought I hadn't proven what a moron I am, take a look at this.

Image hosted by

Looks cute, huh? I thought so too and I'm about 10 rows from binding off the left front of the bolero. Small problem. I did the raglan decreases on the right side and the boleroie (whatever it is called) decreases as well. Yea, not gonna work so well. And why did I do that? Because I don't know my freaking right from my left. No. I'm not kidding, either.

At this rate, I'll never get through the stash.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Ooo...tagged again.

This is fun!

Ten years ago: I was living in New Jersey, still married to my ex and wondering if I would make it through every day without killing him. Frankly, my life really sucked. My only joy was my children, my friend Audrey and the changing of the seasons.

Five years ago: Things were better. I was divorced and living in Tampa - which I hated. I had met Brian who was to become the love of my life.

One year ago: I had moved to Arizona, was planning my wedding, working at a job that I've always dreamed of and knowing I was happier than I had ever been.

Yesterday I spent the day: Working and hanging out at home. My children decided I wasn't ruining their life that day and things were nice and calm. I also called my daddy about 5 times because I'm worried Wilma will hit their nearly reconstructed house that Charlie tore apart last year.

5 snacks: Any kind of chip, any kind of milk chocolate (I'm sure there are more than 5 of each I love).

5 Songs I know all the words to: Every Bon Jovi song (come on, you know you dug the long hair, too. He is just so hot. Sorry, Brian.), many Jimmy Buffet songs, too many Neil Diamond songs (thanks Dad).

5 things I would do with $100 million: Move to Pinetop and open my own yarn store, buy Brian an airplane, pay for both kid's college tuition and give lots of money to small charities that work to make the lives of others better.

5 places I would run away to: Pinetop, Colorado, Vermont, Alaska and Hawaii.

5 things I would never wear: Anything orange or yellow near my face, anything on the You Knit What?!? Site, many of the things in Vogue Knitting, nothing tight or that would show my belly.

5 favorite TV shows: Survivor, Lost, Daily Show (I so love Jon Stewart), anything with Anderson Cooper (my other pretend news boyfriend), Iron Chef America (yea, I know) and one more...Brat Camp. Hey, where do you think I get some of my best ideas on how to deal with the teenagers?

5 biggest joys: The Baseball Star, The Princess, Brian, knitting/crocheting & my job because I know I am helping to make a difference in the world.

5 favorite toys: my yarn, various computers, my thimble collection, my iPod, Brian's satellite radio (ha, like you think I bought it just for you).

5 people I tag to do this: whoever hasn't done it yet!

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

I might be pushing it...

But it has been a good night. The Star is behaving (because he is grounded for life) and the Princess, better.

Knitting/crocheting has been a real luxury lately. No time and when I do, I'm so brain dead I just ::gasp:: don't feel like knitting. I know, someone check my temperature. I've been working on a project for SWTC with no end in sight. It's kind of boring and there are millions of ends to work in - something I totally hate doing. But, I have made progress on a few projects. Sorry, these aren't the greatest pictures. Had to take them at night on my bed.

A Baby Bolero for my niece, Rylee. I'm making mine out of Plymouth Dreambaby Kokonut DK. I really love this pattern and the sweater is just adorable. Quick to knit, too.


A lonely sock. I think I'm going to have to frog the toe and add just a couple more rows for wiggle room.


Good progress on Charlotte. Don't tell her she is getting boring. And what is demon cat Tigger doing, you ask? Chewing on the point protector. Moron.


I'd like to finish something before I start another project. Another shawl?

The teenagers are off to bed. It might be a miracle that we made it through the night without a meltdown. Miracles do happen.

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I knew it was just a matter of time. I've been tagged. My dear blog-buddy Kim over at Soul Knitting (which is a wonderful blog that inspires me more than she knows) has tagged me to go back in my archives for my 23rd post entry, fifth line. Which was on April 28th and read "Justification". At first I thought, great...I finally get tagged for one of these things and that is my line? How lame is that? So I, in usual Heather fashion, procrastinated thinking I could use the previous line because the line after it was (get this) "Denial". But when I thought about it some more, that one word has really got me thinking. I think that I justify things too much. The way I feel about myself, my health, how I don't make me my first priority. How I work too much and play too little. The list is endless. Interesting, huh?

Yea, I know. I need to post some pictures. Charlotte is nearing the end, I have 1 sock finished (which, thanks to my knitsta girls at Coffee Rush, I won't be frogging), finished another purse and am half done a little bolero sweater for my niece for Christmas. Tonight, perhaps, if the Star isn't on my last nerve. Don't hold your breath.

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Cracking myself up

I've been seeing this on all sorts of blogs and every one of them just cracks me up. So, of course, I had to jump on the bandwagon.

You google "{insert your name here} needs" and post a few of the funniest ones. I know you want to know my top 10.

1. Heather needs! (Brian is gonna love that one)
2. Heather needs a rest.
3. Heather needs a childhood. (yea, rather sad. Especially if you know the happiness vampires, also known as my freaking family.)
4. Heather needs two therapists. (WTF?!? Is the universe trying to tell me something here? Not one, but 2?)
5. Heather's breasts. (ummm...yea...)
6. Heather is neato. (And very cool, thank you. Thank you very much.)
7. Heather needs a female parent who can help show her appropriate ways to attract the attention of guys and learn how to choose appropriate partners. (now that is so damn funny, I can't even stand it.)
8. Miss Heather needs to stick to her career as an country artist. (Yeee haw!!)
9. Heather needs to be kept moist. Do not allow to dry out. (I think I just snorted my tea.)
10. Heather needs to seriously consider adding kibble to her diet. (Does that come chocolate flavored?)

Hrmpf. Where is the "Heather needs a week-long spa vacation"? Or "Heather needs more yarn"? Obviously I just need to be moist, get therapy and eat dog food. Oh, and start liking country music, which I hate, because my career will be taking off any day now.

Want to laugh some more? Go rent the remake of "The Longest Yard". (Whoa, typed yarn instead of yard. Would that be on a cone?) Hysterical movie. I'll be buying that one for sure because I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Have a fabulous day. I'm off to get me some men. After which I'll obviously need a rest. Heh.

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Things I have learned...

Been awhile, eh? I know...

Since we last spoke, the Baseball Star turned 16. I can hardly believe I am the mother of a 16 year old. Aren't I too young? The gray hair that keeps popping up tells me otherwise. His birthday is always tough on me for some reason. I was in labor with him for 78 hours. Induced on a Thursday and he was born on Sunday (long, horrible story I won't bore/horrify you with). On the 5th of every October I start thinking about that week, now 16 years ago. As with the Princess' birthday, I look at their baby pictures and wonder where all the time has gone. Hard to believe, you know?

One thing that I thought hoped would change was my ability to go to the bathroom all by myself. Yes, my childless friends, this is an issue apparently until they move out. However, I'm sure my children will call me every time I'm in the bathroom once they have left the nest. It has gotten better since they were very little and would beat on the door the second my butt hit the toilet. But they have been replaced by the circus monkeys (one of which is at the top of the bookshelf right now contemplating whether he can jump on top of the lamp. He missed.) who now deem it necessary to accompany me every freaking time I go to the bathroom. My darling Tigger(who I know is reading this since you keep standing right in front of the freaking monitor as I'm trying to type), contrary to what you and your equally stupid curious brother may think, I can pee all by myself. Really! Both of you scratching on the door, meowing like you are being tortured because I won't let both of you into said little bathroom so you can jump on my lap to see what I'm doing, is not going to work. One would think after a year of this, you would give up. It was nice today when you were both taking one of your 4 hour naps that you decided to let me go on my own. My bliss was cut short, however, when your human sister (also known as the Princess) was heard screaming through the house, "Mmmooommm...", like I had been kidnapped, moved out or - God forbid - not waiting with baited breath for her next request to be chauffeured to the mall. Since I obviously couldn't answer her, she had to come scratch knock on the door since she couldn't wait the extra 3 minutes it might take me to finish to ask if I could take her to the mall. And you people wonder why I'm a bit odd. Heh.

Minimal knitting/crocheting going on around here. I'm still trying to catch up on work both at the office and at home. 13 hours of laundry today. I envy people at the nudist colony. What do they do with all that time they don't have to dress or do laundry?

Ok, did I just write all about going to the bathroom alone and being jealous of people at nudist colonies?!?! Good thing I'm going to Pinetop (White Mountains of Northeast Arizona) on Wednesday where I can sit on the porch, knit and drink wine. And dream of going to the bathroom all alone someday...

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