Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Things that make you go hmmm....

Should this depress me?

My blog is worth $12,984.42.
How much is your blog worth?

Shouldn't that be in the millions? We know how funny I am, don't we? Right?

Last night was a little better in Casa de la Cranky Teenagers. Jeez, man. One of these days the Princess' head is just going to spin all the way around. Wonder if there is some freak show money out there to be had if I take a movie of one of her meltdowns? Too funny, I tell ya.

I so need a few glasses of tequila wine at dinner with my friends tonight...

Posted by Heather at 2:50 PM


  1. Blogger Soulknitting posted at 11:05 AM  
    Make them do a 'flylady' control journal so they have the stuff they have to do daily in WRITING. flylady.net. Love her.

    I think I need to sit down and have a glass of wine with you. You poor girl. Kids. Can't kill them and can't live with them. Hrmmph.

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