Thursday, October 20, 2005


I knew it was just a matter of time. I've been tagged. My dear blog-buddy Kim over at Soul Knitting (which is a wonderful blog that inspires me more than she knows) has tagged me to go back in my archives for my 23rd post entry, fifth line. Which was on April 28th and read "Justification". At first I thought, great...I finally get tagged for one of these things and that is my line? How lame is that? So I, in usual Heather fashion, procrastinated thinking I could use the previous line because the line after it was (get this) "Denial". But when I thought about it some more, that one word has really got me thinking. I think that I justify things too much. The way I feel about myself, my health, how I don't make me my first priority. How I work too much and play too little. The list is endless. Interesting, huh?

Yea, I know. I need to post some pictures. Charlotte is nearing the end, I have 1 sock finished (which, thanks to my knitsta girls at Coffee Rush, I won't be frogging), finished another purse and am half done a little bolero sweater for my niece for Christmas. Tonight, perhaps, if the Star isn't on my last nerve. Don't hold your breath.

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