Friday, May 02, 2008

I have a good excuse

I know, I know. But it truly has all been worth it. The last few months were a flurry of getting ready activity for the sweetest little thing.

Sophia Gabrielle
Born April 23, 2008
2:14 p.m.
6 pounds, 9.2 ounces
20 inches

Welcome to the world, Princess Sophia. We hope you have a happy life filled with love.

And this picture sums up the day perfectly.

Posted by Heather at 1:11 PM


  1. Blogger Sarah posted at 3:45 PM  
    Congrats to everyone!!

    Gorgeous baby.
  2. Blogger Amy G. posted at 4:04 PM  
    She is simply adorable! You should be so proud!
  3. Blogger Jody posted at 5:08 AM  
    Oh, Grandma...she is beautiful! Congratulations and welcome to the club. Hey - does the little Princess want to meet a brilliant, handsome, slightly older Prince?
  4. Blogger Jody posted at 5:09 AM  
    Lost your e-mail address but wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog...and your prayers!
  5. Blogger tocspaw posted at 8:51 AM  
    Many congratulations on the birth of your beautiful granddaughter! She's precious!
  6. Anonymous paula posted at 8:44 PM  
    Wow. Haven't stopped by to catch up for a while - things have certainly changed! She's gorgeous. Congratulations!
  7. Blogger Jody posted at 4:09 AM  
    How is Princess Sophia doing now that she is almost two months old? Don't have your e-mail address so have to write here (hint: please send it). Thanks for the Welcome Home!

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