Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tiptoeing in

So...the obvious question is, Where the hell has Heather been?

Good question, because I'm not sure I know. Life has been, well, hard. Really hard. I can't believe it has been 10 months since I posted. And then I think back over those 10 months and well...I know why.

Part of it? Burnout. From EVERYTHING. Work, kids, doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, working, more working, cats and yea...knitting. Part of it was working with the kids through the loss of their dad. The rest? Sorry, not a lot I really want to go into on a blog supposed to be about knitting. I hope you will understand. Those closest to me either know or will know very soon. But, life gets better and I've learned that you can make it through things you never thought would happen to you. And, when you feel like you are at the very last inch of that rope is when you know who your friends are, and when you realize your extended family was worse than you though.

But, in that 10 months I also had some really happy times. Alaska...the trip I have dreamed of for 20 years. It was everything I thought it would be. And twice as expensive!

And...after 10 months of my needles collecting dust, I'm knitting again. It's gotten me through stressful times before and it is again.

I'll be here...I'm too stubborn to quit.

Now, to catch up on a few thousand blogs I haven't read in months.

Posted by Heather at 10:36 PM


  1. Blogger Creative Genius? posted at 11:41 PM  
    I am soooo glad you are back online -- I've been worried about you!
  2. Blogger Jen posted at 5:17 AM  
    welcome back my dear - you've been in my thoughts...
  3. Anonymous wendy g posted at 5:22 AM  
    Glad to hear that you are back!
  4. Blogger Mel posted at 1:21 PM  
    Yay! Heather is back. We have missed you.
  5. Blogger Nancy posted at 2:08 PM  
    It's so good to have you back online!

  6. Blogger Jane posted at 1:47 PM  
    Thanks for making my blog one of the first ones you checked out and for the kind comment you left. {{{HUGS}}}
  7. Blogger tocspaw posted at 8:06 PM  
    Welcome back. You've been missed...
  8. Blogger photogmichelle posted at 9:39 PM  
    so good to see you back blogging. Hope to see you soon

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