Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Has it really been almost a month since I posted? Where does time go? Since my last post I hadn't knit at all until last night. Not a stitch. Hasn't stopped me from wanting to buy yarn, though. But I've resisted so far. I think yarn hoarding is another obsession all on it's own. Hey...that works! I "collect" yarn. No one says anything about my thimble collection, so why can't I have a yarn collection? Good Lord I'm my own worst enabler.

Things remain the same around Casa de la Cranky Teenagers. The Star is actually getting good grades (did I just see a few flakes fall from the sky?!?) which has to do with the fact that he is in love and wants to be able to go out every weekend with the object of his adoration. Heh. Nothing like a little blackmail, huh? But, she is a very sweet girl and they are totally happy together. They are the best of friends, too. The Princess is well...the Princess. And I love her :)

I wasn't going to blog about this, but I need to get over myself. Since I last posted I was diagnosed diabetic. Granted, my numbers are low. But it scared the shit out of me and threw me for a total loop. Adjusting my food, pricking my freaking finger every morning...not easy to get used to. Hence the lack of knitting, going to knitting last week and doing anything more than figuring out what I have to do to get my act together. With a few nights of crying added in. I'm not one to sit around and mope about things for long, so now I'm hitting the gym every morning and trying to adjust to that schedule. Thank God for my crazy family and a wonderful friend who has helped more than she knows.

So nope, I haven't disappeared. Just trying to figure out life a little.

Posted by Heather at 10:29 AM


  1. Blogger Sarah posted at 11:19 AM  
    Keep up with the keeping on!

    You can do it!
  2. Blogger Creative Genius? posted at 1:13 PM  
    I am sorry to hear that but know it could be a lot worse - and besides it's 2006 - there is a LOT of great sugar free food out there and splenda, i hear, is a lifesaver!

    So hang in there and you'll adjust and be ok! I'm thinking about your!
  3. Blogger Pam posted at 3:50 PM  
    It sounds like you're already on the right track to controlling this, so good for you. I spent 5 years working with insulin-using diabetics, so feel free to ask me any little "not big enough for the dr." questions and hopefully I can help.
  4. Anonymous eva posted at 6:21 AM  
    Been wondering where you were!

    As Pam says, it sounds like you are on the right track. Changing food habits can work wonders - I should know. :)

    Be well.
  5. Anonymous Paula posted at 3:09 PM  
    Sorry about the diabetes. It's great that you're working out - it will be easier to stick with it if you can do something fun, so now it's *finally* getting cooler this might be a good time to take that kayaking class. It might also be worth asking if either of your kids are interested in taking the class - I've seen a couple of cases where parents and teenagers rowed together and it semed to work well for them to have something in common they could enjoy together as equals. They might say no, but it's worth asking.
  6. Blogger Jody posted at 8:47 PM  
    Missed reading your updates. So sorry about the diabetes but you seem to be doing the right things to combat it...good for you!!! Hang in there and you do some stuff that will make you feel really good (yes, even if it's just buying more for your stash/collection)!

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