Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Calgon, take me away

Someone out there, please explain something to me. Please. Yesterday was the 7th day of school. 7th. How is it that my darling son already has between 4 - 6 tardies in EACH class and skipped History ON THE SECOND DAY OF SCHOOL?!?!?

And how, after being grounded off the computer last weekend (during the school year they can only use it on weekends) for being tardy nearly every day in 3 classes (that I knew about until last night) and being told that if was tardy again he would be grounded for the weekend from going out (hence him not seeing his new girlfriend. Sorry, not new, they celebrate their anniversary today. 1 month. Ahem.), he wound up being late to several classes. And found himself sweeping the halls at school as punishment?

Last night was open house. How embarassing to be pulled aside by 3 teachers to be talked about his attendance issues. I am so freaking over this.

The bright spot in my week was receiving a wonderful package from my Secret Pal. There would be pictures if I wasn't having to ground said teenager last night. Who is surprised and pissed off that he is being grounded.

I'm going to survive the next 2 years, right? Right?

Posted by Heather at 9:13 AM


  1. Blogger Sarah posted at 10:46 AM  
    Man, how else can you smack him upside the head to make it go in??

    I am sorry!
  2. Blogger Creative Genius? posted at 10:51 AM  
    Yeah - I think regular beatings are in order!!! Think of the fun you can have!
  3. Anonymous Claudia posted at 11:24 AM  
    When my younger daughter (now 28) was in High School - I was in Tough Love. She drove me crazy ad I used to think it would be her or me. Amazingly - we BOTH made it! It wasn't easy - I had to send her to live with her father (which broke my heart) because I was afraid of what I'd do to her.

    Today, she's a member of our county Environmental Council and works as a Visual Display Designer for a major women's clothing line. While my dad was ill and dying she spent every spare minute with me and held me while I cried. We're friends.

    Hang in there - you WILL get through this. They DO become recognizable again ;-))!
  4. Blogger Jennifer posted at 7:23 PM  
    Oh dear... I have no advice but just want to send ((((hugs))))
  5. Anonymous Bliss posted at 7:44 PM  
  6. Blogger Creative Genius? posted at 6:23 PM  
    Hey there - Michael's advice for you is to go to class with your son! Take him to school and walk him to every class, sitting with him to make sure he attends and pays attention.

    Tell him that if he is not mature enough to make it to class or make it to class on time then clearly he needs his hand held until he can learn for himself.

    It will suck missing work but hopefully it will work (should only take a day or two for him to see that you are serious!)

    Good Luck!
  7. Blogger Jody posted at 8:01 PM  
    Ah, Great minds think alike!! I was going to post exactly what I see Alison got to post before I had a in the movie Glory Road...go to school with "the Star" and sit in on all his classes, and promise to do so until you stop getting late notices!! Should have done it with 2 out of my 3 (not Alison, of course)!

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