Monday, August 07, 2006


This is why I have the best husband in the world.

Blocking is so hard for me. I always have a hard time making everything even and this shawl had to be blocked a certain way. And crawling around the floor is even harder for me. Brian is great at blocking! Who knew?

A closeup of the stitches and beads.

I really love this shawl. The pattern is easy and very well written. The beads are put on with a crochet hook every 4th row. A little time consuming and kind of tough on the pads of my fingers. They are subtle and add just a bit of shimmer to the shawl.

Hopefully it will be dry by bedtime (gotta love the dry air here!) and I'll wear it to SnB tomorrow night. I don't care that it will be 105, I'll look great!

Posted by Heather at 8:37 PM


  1. Anonymous Dipsy D. posted at 1:37 AM  
    Now, you certainly have an amazing husband, how absolutely lovely it is of him to do the blocking for you! Great man! And I really love your shawl, it turned out so very beautiful - the pattern is so gorgeous, and so are the colors that you used! Great job!
  2. Anonymous wendy g posted at 5:22 AM  
    The shawl turned out so beautiful and to have a DH that helps blocking is even better!
  3. Blogger Sarah posted at 5:47 AM  
    It looks great!

    That was very sweet of Brian to pin it out for you!
  4. Blogger Karen posted at 6:11 AM  
    Now, send him to NY to give my hubby lessons. :)

    re: tattoos...I have 3 in total. The butterfly is on my ankle, a violet on my right thigh, and a very tiny little heart, uhm, above the pubic area. *blush*
  5. Blogger Jennifer posted at 6:59 AM  
    It's gorgeous! How sweet is your hubby for blocking it for you. I don't think I could get RM to do the same!
  6. Blogger Mel posted at 9:02 AM  
    Beautiful. You would be remiss if you DIDN'T wear it to SnB. We will all be so happy to meet it in person.
  7. Anonymous eva posted at 4:32 PM  
    He secretly wants to learn to knit.
  8. Blogger Jody posted at 5:51 PM  
    The shawl is beautiful. I have been dying to try something with beads. This might be just the garment.
  9. Blogger tocspaw posted at 9:47 AM  
    Incredible - your shawl looks absolutely beautiful!! Wear it with pride (even as you melt in the AZ heat) - you did a great job!

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