Sunday, July 16, 2006

A few of my favorite things

With the temperature hitting the 110 range, what's a girl to do? Stay inside all weekend, that's what she does. Yoga class early in the morning, hit the grocery and barracade yourself inside for the rest of the weekend. I'm not kidding you when I tell you how much I hate being hot. I'll do anything to avoid it.

2 of my favorite past times are reading and knitting (bet you couldn't figure that out). I'm frequently bummed that my knitting time cuts into my reading time, and vice versa. Sure, I can read a magazine or spiral book while I knit, but I want to read hardbacks. And unless I was could grow another arm, it wasn't going to happen. Until tonight.

Can I just tell you how smart this little clip made me feel? I've tried other clips, but they didn't work. I picked these up at the dollar store for closing food bags (I'm SUCH a freak about that. Comes from living in bug-infested Florida.). Forget the food, these babies are coming to live in my knitting toolbox. Brilliant. The book? "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. Love it.

I needed another, small, project to knit on since I'm in the last beading rows on the shawl. So I started a sock. One that I will need in less than a month.

Steelers socks!! I'll be going to the Pre-Season game against the embarassment to footballCardinals on August 12th. Of course I need socks to match my new jersey!

The Star is now convinced his mother is nuts. It's the heat, you know.

Thanks so much for the sweet comments and emails about the Princess. She looked just like one the day of her party. I can't ever believe what a beautiful, sweet girl (ok, most of the time) she is growing up to be. Time is going by too fast. She will be home on Tuesday. Let the fun begin.

Does anyone want to start a betting pool on the first fight between the teenagers?

Posted by Heather at 7:54 PM


  1. Anonymous wendy g posted at 5:35 AM  
    I will have to check out that clip! The socks will be great for the game too. Try to stay cool and good luck with the Princss this summer.
  2. Blogger Amy G. posted at 6:40 PM  
    Wow! and I was complaining about the heatwave that has hit us in Indiana. Middle 90's. I have been so miserable! No A/C in the car and I caught the stomach bug from my Man. Yuck!
    Don't know if I could handle 110!
    Love the book clip and need to go hunt me down one of those(when it gets cooler)because I am an avid reader too who hasn't read much since the yarn bug has hit this year!
  3. Blogger Saun posted at 8:35 PM  
    Those clips are such a good idea. I'll have to look for some.
  4. Anonymous Bliss posted at 9:44 AM  
    Isn't it wonderful how the simplest gadget can make us so happy? I need some of those for sure.

    BTW, since I am just catching up...Princess looks soooo beautiful in that picture (but too grown does that happen?) What a beautiful time for her.
  5. Blogger Jennifer posted at 12:24 PM  
    I need one of those clips! I'll have to look at my local dollar store.

    Great socks for the game.
  6. Anonymous Becky posted at 10:58 PM  
    The stripe pattern is neat. They remind me of tiger stripes!
  7. Blogger bethanie posted at 5:48 PM  
    The socks look like they're gonna be fun!

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