Friday, June 09, 2006

Summer break

Whose idea was it for teenagers to have summer break? Huh? Probably some school board full of men who worked during the day, leaving their poor wives at home to slowly lose their minds over the course of 2 1/2 months.

4.2 minutes into summer break, the fighting began.

"Shut up", screeches the Princess.

"No, you shut up", screams the Star.

Repeat indefinitely until mom screams (in a very mature voice), "how about you BOTH shut up!!!". (yea, I know)

May the Goddess keep me sane. Or provide me with good wine.

Thank you so much for all of your comments and emails. I'm feeling so much better. One of the things I've been doing to help is reading. LOTS of reading. I made it a goal to keep the TV off (or the watching to a minimum) and read more. I've probably read 20 books in the last month. I'm totally hooked on the Stephanie Plum series. Funniest books I have ever read. Not only are they keeping me occupied, they make me laugh. And that has helped so much.

Posted by Heather at 10:09 AM


  1. Anonymous Ashley posted at 3:07 PM  
    I'm so glad you're laughing!! I just hate to think of you sad.

    I'm sure you're right about summer vacay being a man's idea. They are always coming up with dumb shit.
  2. Blogger Beth posted at 6:32 PM  
    OMG - I totally love the Stephanie Plum books too. I just got turned on to them a couple of months ago and I've read all but #11 (and 12 will be published this month)! And you're right, they truly make me laugh ... out loud.
  3. Blogger Mac posted at 5:07 AM  
    You could always lock them in a soundproof room until September! *grin*
  4. Blogger tocspaw posted at 3:10 PM  
    Almost everything is better with a glass of good wine :-)
  5. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 8:17 PM  
    Hang in there. September is only 3 months away!
  6. Blogger bethanie posted at 9:30 PM  
    Sending *hugs* your way!
  7. Blogger African Kelli posted at 8:43 AM  
    20 books? WOW! I am so envious.

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