Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm here

Like many good friends have told me, it is getting better. I'm finally where I'm not crying off and on all day. Finally where I don't just want to curl up in a ball and sleep. I knew letting Olive go would be hard, but I didn't know how hard. And I didn't know how much I would miss her. I still have to remind myself she is gone. When a furry head nudges me in my sleep, I have to remember she is gone. I nearly lost it when I went to give the cats their treat of canned food and took out 4 bowls instead of the 3 I now need. And Zoe (the black cat) has been crying for Olive.

But I have to remember the good things. Of how much she loved us. And how peaceful her passing was, in my arms with us whispering that we loved her and what a good kitty she was. The vet and the nurse were incredible. Very caring and compassionate. I wish we could all go like that. I turned some of my grief into a project for Olive. I went to Old Town Needlework in Scottsdale and purchased a hinged box with a cut-out for a small cross stitch piece. I stitched Olive's name, her dates of birth and death. It turned out really nice and her ashes will be sealed inside.

I cannot say enough good things about both the vet - McClintock Animal Care Center and Old Town Needlework. The vet's office was the best. I'll be taking all my animals there from now on after switching from our old vet. They weren't bad, there was just something missing, you know? At Old Town Needlework, Alice was so kind and helpful - everything a shop owner should be. I had been crying all morning and started up again when I went there and told her what I was looking for. I'll be shopping there from now on.

On the other hand, I will NEVER EVER step foot in Attic Needlework ever again. I called about purchasing a stitchable porcelain bowl from them, telling them what it was for so that I could be sure it would be big enough. The lady was very nice and told me she would call the distributor and call back with the details. 2 days later I called again. She had forgotten and would call on Monday. Ok, things happen, right? No call Monday. Called again. She forgot again and would call me back. Never heard back from her. Nice, especially since she knew what the damn jar was for.

Ok, moving on. Thank you so very much for your kind comments and emails. Through this blog and my knitting group I have made such treasured friends. Your kindness has touched my heart and has gone a long way in healing it. Knitting (and crochet! Imagine that.) content will resume very soon. I've been working on a few projects, finished a couple, threw a few more under the couch. Pictures to follow.

Posted by Heather at 10:16 AM


  1. Anonymous Kate Lathrop posted at 8:57 PM  
    Heather - I wish I could do more for you, and to try to take some of the pain away. What I can do is send along warm thoughts and virtual hugs. My thoughts are with you and Olive.

  2. Blogger Kirsten posted at 10:45 PM  
    I am thinking of you. Our Cosmo still cries for Jez at night. I used to "see" and feel her presence - I think she hung around for a bit. Take good care.
  3. Anonymous Ashley posted at 5:22 AM  
    Heather, we're all thinking of you!! I know I am. I had to just hold my pup and love him, and promise to be there for him the way you are for your cats. Sigh.
  4. Anonymous Bliss posted at 7:09 AM  
    Holding you in my heart and praying the pain will lessen and the good memories will supercede the loss - for both of us.
  5. Blogger tocspaw posted at 4:14 PM  
    I use McClintock as my vet too - they are so nice there!! Glad to hear things are getting a little easier with time. Sorry to miss you guys at Coffee Rush tonight - my weaving class at Fiber Factory is starting up! I've never woven anything before so it should be interesting....
  6. Anonymous AnnieB posted at 3:51 AM  
    I didn't post a comment when you had to let your baby go because nothing seemed adequate. But I am glad to hear you're feeling a bit better, and I do extend my deepest sympathies on the loss of a loved one.
  7. Blogger Jody posted at 1:46 PM  
    So glad you are starting to heal, though we know it takes a long time for that ache to go away. A great children's book...The Tenth Good Thing About Barney (don't remember the author) is about what you are doing...remembering the good things about your cat and the relationship you had. Hang in there!
  8. Anonymous Becky posted at 12:07 AM  
    I am so sorry about your loss of your beloved Olive.

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