Monday, March 27, 2006

I'd like to thank the academy

Or really, my commenters! You guys make my day :) See, I knew I wasn't alone in my yarn addiction. And for the supportive comments about my Uncle. One thing I totally hate about Blogger is that you can't write back to someone when you are emailed a comment. Why is Blogger like that? I don't want to move, but the comment thing drives me nuts! Any suggestions?

I especially haven't been able to write anyone back because while I have some of your email addresses, most were on the computer that died a violent motherboard explosion. May it rest it biodegradable freaking pieces in a landfill. But I'm not bitter or anything. So, thank you again to my adoring public! And if you haven't popped out to say hi, please do! I love to meet new people.

But leave your email, 'cause we know I don't have it. And blogger won't give it to me.

Posted by Heather at 1:33 PM


  1. Anonymous eva posted at 2:50 PM

    It's free and the software is good. I use the full version on my blog... the issues you may have on my blog are due to the fact that IE doesn't like my hacked code. Firefox likes it just fine and dandy, thank you.

    The version I have is fully customizable (sp?) but I don't think the free hosted one is much different.

    You know my addy if you have any questions.

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