Monday, March 20, 2006

My Name is Heather...

...and I am a yarnaholic. Dr. Princess forced me to admit it yesterday. Second and third opinions were obtained from The Star and The Husband. They forced me to submit to a yarn intervention. It was not pretty, my friends. You see, I decided yesterday to clean out my bedroom closet. It wasn't bad, but some things needed to go. Old shoes, clothes I no longer wear. I have this strangely shaped closet and tucked way back in a corner, was the evidence they confronted me with. A garbage bag of yarn. A small Joanne's box of yarn. Another bag of yarn. A skein or two or ten that got shoved back there. So, I did what any other organizational freak person would do. I pulled out the 3 huge (I did NOT just say huge. Nope.) Rubbermaid shipyard sized containers and tried to put away the errant bags, boxes and random skeins of yarn. Tried.

Because they wouldn't fit in the containers.

Umm...well...crap. Of course this had to be the moment Dr. Princess and her cohort The Husband walked in the room.


They laughed (Laughed!! Didn't I just make them a nice breakfast or something?) at my lame ass excuses. It was intervention time, people.

It wasn't pretty. Dr. Princess informed me that at the going rate, I was going to be out of closet space quite soon (she obviously has no idea of my master plan to take over her room the second her car pulls out of the driveway in about 5 years). She also told me, get this, that if I ever (hrmpf!) finish a project, I can't go out and buy more yarn to replace it. I don't ever use any up this way. I need to ::gasp:: stop buying yarn. Of course the Star had to come in and put in his two cents before being sucked back into his Xbox game. These people are mean!! Didn't I give birth to two of them and do the other one's laundry every week?

It's official. My name is Heather and I am a yarnaholic. I've been busted and I can't buy anymore yarn.

Do you think they know that the Scottsdale Knitting and Fiber Show is in 2 weeks? And they are going to have Koigu there? Do you think it is unethical to store yarn in my filing cabinets at the office? I do have a really nice credenza with a bit of room...

Posted by Heather at 3:54 PM


  1. Blogger Jody posted at 5:06 PM  
    Hi, Heather...Thanks for sharing! I feel your pain. Have you tried hiding some of your stash in the chandelier (it worked for Ray Milland in Lost Weekend!!).
  2. Blogger Jennifer posted at 5:47 PM  
    Hmmm, seems to me that you just need creative ways to hide the evidence. Do you have any spare space in your kitchen cupboards?
  3. Anonymous Ashley posted at 9:52 PM  
    Sweetie, I am SO sorry those meanies were picking on you.

    You do NOT have a have a collection. BIG difference! The only unethical place I can think to store yarn is in the "circular file." (AKA trash)

    Should you find yourself in need of some (VERY) remote storage, I have plenty of room in my yarn closet.
  4. Blogger emy posted at 12:06 AM  
    I'll say...bring some of that into your office. Those yarns are work!
  5. Blogger photogmichelle posted at 7:48 AM  
    You are brave to go through your yarn when your family members could come home. This is something that I do only when I know no one will be around.
  6. Blogger Rani posted at 8:35 AM  
    LOL! I say take it to the office. They'll never know. ;-)
  7. Blogger Creative Genius? posted at 11:30 AM  
    Hey there - so sorry to hear about your Uncle Stan... but I am totally sure there is a bagel shop in the sky!

    As for the yarn - hang in their sister.... you know what they say - she who dies with the most yarn wins!!! Race ya! :-)

    PS - Start hiding your yarn where the kids and hubbie don't look - like the LAUNDRY ROOM!!!
  8. Blogger bethanie posted at 7:27 PM  
    The first step is admitting it. I'm glad you can admit it. Hopefully I'll never get caught! :)
  9. Blogger tocspaw posted at 6:14 PM  
    I just keep buying more and more decorative baskets with lids to store mine in. As long as you don't open the lids, you can remain in denial.

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