Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Yep, It's me

My home computer is dying. It has multiple viruses and loads of spyware from the teenagers NOT uploading anything on it. How dare I suggest otherwise? Therefore, posting on it drives me nuts and I lose things. Like my mind.

Things are good, though. Progress continues on the socks, I knit a hat for a friend of a wonderful friend, the brilliant Pam found my sock yarn and I've started a baby blanket for Brian's niece who is due any minute.

I have lots to show, but I'll have to wait to tell you all about it when I can post pictures. Because, as brilliant as I am with words, pictures are better.

The Baseball Star (who really....well, ummm...he didn't make the baseball team so...) is cramming in the watching of 3 "historical" movies for extra credit for History class this evening. Goddess forbid we actually did this over the weekend. Or kept up our grade prior to the DAY BEFORE THE LAST DAY OF THE FREAKING QUARTER. Sorry, didn't mean to scream there. My patience might be a little thin. And I don't think I've had a conversation with the Princess in a month where the phone wasn't attached to the other ear that wasn't listening to me. I think I need a flow chart to keep track of her life.

And guess what? I had like 25 raindrops on my car today. However, it didn't count toward ending our 135 days with no rain. I'm now Heather Jerky.

Posted by Heather at 9:12 PM


  1. Anonymous Eva posted at 10:46 PM  
    "Heather Jerky" Ohmygoodness! I almost fell out of my chair from laughing. You are TOO funny!
  2. Blogger Cece posted at 7:44 AM  
    Heather jerky! LOL.

    You crack me up.
  3. Blogger Jennifer posted at 7:49 AM  
    About your computer, Microsoft has an spyware killer program that works fairly well. It's a free download off the microsoft site. Just a thought.
  4. Blogger African Kelli posted at 9:16 AM  
    I'm sorry the star didn't make the team. Is he handling it okay? How are you doing this week?

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