Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Size doesn't matter

Over the weekend, I attempted a few new projects to start the stash busting. A month or so ago, I purchased 6 skeins of Cascade Fixation to make the Princess the Alyssa tank top from Melissa Leapman's Cool Crochet book. When I picked this up from the library, I fell in love with several of the patterns. So much so that I bought the book. I should have known better. Long ago, I purchased Crochet with Style by Melissa. I found a very cute vest that I wanted to crochet for myself. Too bad that no matter how small a hook I used I could not get gauge. Not even close. What made me think that this book would be any better? Well, it isn't. Not only have I gone down 2 hook sizes, but I had to go down to the next size smaller in the pattern to adjust for the fact that I STILL couldn't get gauge.

Now, get this. The Princess has a 37 inch bust - average size I would think. She wears a size small shirt and size 5 pants (that ALWAYS need to be hemmed). Beautifully proportioned and curvy in the perfect spots (I'd like to lock her in a closet or send her to a convent until she is about 30). According to this pattern she is a XXL. Are you freaking kidding me? What does that make me? The Titanic? Needless to say after fiddling with gauge, being off in my stitch counts and finding out I'm probably a ship in the fashion world I shoved it in a bag. Stupid tank top.

Instead, I knit another bag and felted it (pictures forthcoming). And started another one. Do you know why? Because size doesn't matter when you are going to shrink the damn thing anyway.

Posted by Heather at 1:16 PM


  1. Blogger Amy G. posted at 2:36 PM  
    I can't wait to see the pictures of your felted bag. I am working on my first one and can't wait to get it in the washer. They look so cool.
  2. Blogger kt posted at 9:27 PM  
    Felting GOOOOD.

    Gauge...so what?
    Slipped a stitch? Oh well.
    Too many stitches in a row? Yawn.

    Again, I say, Felting GOOOD.
  3. Anonymous Ashley posted at 5:48 AM  
    I too have been outraged at designers who are clearly targeting a pre-pubescent pituitary disordered audience. Rat bastards.

    You are NOT alone!!!!
  4. Anonymous Jen posted at 5:08 PM  
    If youre the Titantic... I would be the QE2!!! Lordy! Lets just stick with scarves and bags and things of no-size. :)
  5. Blogger Jennifer posted at 6:52 PM  
    A 37 inch bust is a XXL! Whatever!
  6. Blogger Tempe Yarn and Fiber posted at 12:32 AM  
    Pattern books are so crazy sometimes - who's designing these things and why aren't people checking them before they're published?! You can come over check out sweater wizard if you want, but I'm not sure it does crochet...
  7. Anonymous Becky posted at 12:34 AM  
    XXL? That's insane! I'm a 34-35 inch and I always knit an XS or a S, in most cases S. Since when did 37 become XXL?

    Looking forward to seeing the felted bag!
  8. Blogger Nit One Perl Two posted at 7:25 PM  
    I am so happy that I found your site. It appears we have some things in common besides knitting. Thought you might want to be the first to see the pattern for the triple lindee!

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