Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More love!

Thank you so much for your kind comments and emails about the shawl. One thing I really don't like about blogger is that comments don't include email. Why?

I wore the Shawlette to knit with my friends last night and I think they loved it, too. Either that or they felt really sorry for me that I ventured out in the 105 degree heat with a merino wool shawl draped over my shoulders. No one said I was playing with a full deck anyway, so they probably weren't surprised.

I needed more Shawlette love, so I started another one.

I originally bought little reddish beads to use, but they really didn't show up at all and actually looked a little dull when the yarn was pulled through them. So, I'm using clear beads that give just a little sparkle. This way, the gorgeous Koigu is the star. As it should be, right?

I finished one of the Steelers socks at knitting, so I pulled out the Log Cabin baby blanket to work on.

It is really fun to work on, but a little warm. I have plenty of time to work on it. My sister is due in February.

Posted by Heather at 4:37 PM


  1. Blogger Stephanie posted at 9:35 PM  
    lol - everyone seems to be log cabining - I just finished one myself for a baby gift!
  2. Anonymous Bliss posted at 11:32 AM  
    I love your log cabin. I am working on one of the Moderne Log Cabins, but am longing to start one of the other kind, too. Love the bright colors.
  3. Blogger photogmichelle posted at 6:22 AM  
    love both the log cabin and the new shawl. those clear beads are just perfect and hopefully they are going on easier.
  4. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 9:57 AM  
    Hi i found you thru another local gal! i'm so excited to have moved here to Queen Creek.. and i hope we can get together soon,, i can never have enough knitting buddies.. i have been thinking about starting a queen creek mon or tues nite knitting group.. any ideas? suggestions?

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