Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Yarn giveaway - with "strings" attached

I have more acrylic yarn than I'm ever going to use in a lifetime. Most of it is Red Heart. Which I still think is perfect for couch afghans (I have one I crocheted 10 years ago on my couch. It is still soft and looks great. Except for the holes the cats chewed in it. Ingrates.) and charity knitting (wears like iron and holds up to any kind of washing).

I'd like to give most of it away to a good home. Here is where the strings part comes in.

It has to be used for charity knitting. You can either send the items back to me, to be distributed through my charity Arizona Warming Families or to the Dulaan Project. I'm cooking up a little contest, too, so take pictures of what you made.

Sound good? Interested? Leave a comment with your email address and I'll contact you for your shipping address. Shipping to you is on me :)

Posted by Heather at 11:42 AM


  1. Anonymous Jen M. posted at 1:23 PM  
    What about Project Linus? Could we use it for that? For Project Dulaan - can we make blankets too? I was under the impression (probably wrong) they only wanted sweaters.... THANKS! :) (This is Jen from DCG)
  2. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 1:41 PM  
    my comment is the same can it be used for project linus or just the two you have listed. thank you Dawn
    memeber of crochet arizoa DCG
  3. Blogger tocspaw posted at 9:43 PM  
    My cats like afghans, too. I have one they've kneaded so many holes in it looks like swiss cheese. I keep telling my DH we can't throw it away because then they'll just destroy another one. At least this one is broken in :0
  4. Blogger Sheila's shawls posted at 8:35 AM  
    I would knit for Warming families in Minnesota. I have a knitting group at my school that I teach at.I am the twin cities AV for Warming Families Minnesota. Also, I am the National Coordinator for Sheila's shawls and Paul's scarves. We provide shawls and scarves for families healing from the domestic violence experience.
  5. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 8:33 PM  
    I crochet couch afghans and children's quilts for KARE in Tucson. KARE helps relatives raise relatives. My group also belongs to Head Huggers and Miracles Happen.I didn't find your website until today so I'm probably to late for your yarn giveaway. But I wanted to let you know you had a wonderful idea with your "Yarn giveaway - with "strings" attached" post. Thanks and have a beautiful day.

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