Friday, January 18, 2008

Hanging my head in shame

I couldn't help it! Look at this, would you?

Knitters around blogland have been extolling the virtues of Dream in Color Smooshy. I began to covet the Smooshy. Spending hours and hours looking at all the color combinations, dreaming of how soft the yarn would be in my hands as I knit it, how soft the sock would be on my tired feet. I resisted. I made a vow!!

I caved.

But...but...look at it!! Look at the depth of the color, the richness of that buttery yellow. You can feel the smooshiness through the picture. It was calling to me, dammit! "Heather, please buy me. Please take me home and pet me and spread the smooshy love."

So, I placed an order through a new online shop that I just really have come to adore - Eat, Sleep, Knit. Isn't that the best name for a yarn shop? I so hope she ships my yarn today. Because, you know, I only have enough for 17 pairs of socks.

Stop laughing. You know you covet my smoooshy.

Posted by Heather at 12:09 PM


  1. Blogger photogmichelle posted at 3:45 PM  
    Okay, you are totally going to love the Smooshy. I got to touch it today. I think my friend had bought the same color you did. oh, how you are going to love it. Think slightly heavyweight in a sock yarn, but there is a ton of it in the hank.
  2. Blogger tocspaw posted at 5:44 PM  
    Damn - like I need more yarn. But how can I pass up the Smooshy?
  3. Blogger Claudia posted at 5:38 PM  
    I DO covet your Smooshy! Sadly, there is no yarn money in the budget this month. I've been coveting Dream in Color yarn since I stumbled on it a few weeks ago. Patience is a virtue. Isn't it?

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