Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I was wrong

Kindly forgive me. It wasn't 112 here yesterday in hell Chandler, it was 116. Today it should be just as horrible. AAA of Arizona did some test the other day about how hot the inside of your car can get. With an outside temperature of 101, a car left in the sun with tinted windows will reach an internal temperature of 113 in 5 minutes, 151 (no, that isn't a typo) degrees in 15 minutes. My windows aren't tinted, it sits in the sun all day while I'm in the office, it was a lot hotter than 101 yesterday and my AC sucks. I can pretty much guarantee my car was hotter than 151. According to some food site I found, you have to maintain a temperature of at least 140 to dehydrate food. My freaking car is a mobile dehydrator. Gee, if I leave some slices of beef in there all day, can I go to the car at lunch for some tasty jerky?

I've decided I'm going to run out of yarn for the Clapotis. Of course I am. I have that kind of luck. Hopefully I can match up with what I have at SWTC. Progress on the Flower Basket Shawl is slow. After pulling out some hair trying to figure out how to do a provisional cast on (don't ask me how, I think I winged it), I've frogged the thing 3 times now when I made a mistake. I now have about 2 inches to show for probably 2 hours of work.

Obviously summer has fried my brain. Or dehydrated it.

Posted by Heather at 10:41 AM


  1. Blogger Mel posted at 2:14 PM  
    OMG! We can dehydrate stuff in our cars? That is too funny!
  2. Blogger Luscious Gracious posted at 2:38 PM  
    No wonder my eyeballs dried out this week.
    I have never had that pleasant experience before, and hope to never feel that heat of hell in my bright grey orbs again.
    Good seeing you last night,
  3. Blogger Pam posted at 2:51 PM  
    Mmmm, car jerky....*drool*
  4. Blogger Soulknitting posted at 10:01 AM  
    Hehehhhe, I just got DONE frogging FBS FOUR times!! FINALLY made it past the FIRST 24 rows. I'm feeling your pain. I put in a lifeline cause I'm SURE I'll be frogging part of it a gain BEFORE I finish. Jes.

    Finished Clapotis over the weekend. Still have to block. Once again, feeling your pain.

    Only up to 105* today. We'll be catching up to you VERY soon.

    I'm just feeling your pain all over!!!
  5. Blogger Nancy posted at 5:49 PM  
    Gee, you're making me looking forward my move back to Phoenix more and more. :-)


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