Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Happy Summer Solstice

Today marks the official beginning of summer. Why is it, then, that our 100+ degree temperatures can't start until AFTER that? It will hit 112 here today and will be the longest day of the year. Joy. Why can't it be 75 and the longest day of the year? I bitch all summer long about the heat. Brian probably wants to strangle me by August. There is a guy in my office who keeps the AC at 68. That is a 44 degree change when I have to go outside for anything. No wonder why I can't cope. Sadie is coping by sleeping thorough it all.


Isn't that hysterical? He sleeps like that all the time.

Major progress made on the Clapotis last night. I probably am 2/3 done with the straight section. I also finished most of the felted sheep last night. All that is left to do is sew her up and make the hooves. It is so cute I can hardly stand it. Brian thinks I should make a bigger one, don't felt or stuff it, and use it as a Halloween costume for the cat. He is sick. See what happens when we don't have the kids around to keep us out of trouble? Don't even ask me about the margaritas on Saturday night. I now understand the little song "One tequila, two tequila, three tequila...floor!". Who knew I could really sleep on the floor?

Posted by Heather at 8:54 AM


  1. Blogger Sarah posted at 10:55 AM  
    Been there with the tequila! It is so good and then, poof, on the floor!

    Enjoy your time minus the kids!
  2. Blogger Jewels posted at 7:49 PM  
    I love seeing a dog or kitty sleeping like that - makes me laugh every time! They know hoe cute they are too, lol
  3. Anonymous Critterknit posted at 4:46 PM  
    I had a dog when I was growing up that would sleep in an upside-down version of that. We had a covered porch, and I think she was trying to cool her belly. But she's the only critter I've ever seen do it! :)

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