Thursday, June 02, 2005


Oh for the love of God! Please, someone out there shoot me. How is it that these kids have only been out of school for a week and they are booorrreeeddd? I kick them off the computer, video games and tv for a few hours and you would think that I put them in some torture chamber (I'm surprised they haven't called DCFS to complain about my abuse. Can't you see the call? "My mother is horrible, she is making us READ!"). What did we do in the summer when we were kids? I know being bored wasn't on my agenda. We played games, read dozens of books ("Read, Mom, you must be kidding!" God forbid.), did crafts and hung out with your friends. Are these the same kids that whine for weeks before school lets out that they "can't wait for summer" then on the VERY FIRST DAY get themselves grounded for the day because of their fighting?? That are now whining they are bored? I swear, I feel like a summer camp counselor. I'm knitting myself a freaking noose.

Last night we had the best SnB ever! Kim arranged for us to meet at Red Kangaroo Wines for wine, knitting and socializing. What fun! I'm not a big wine lover, but I loved the wine I was drinking so much that I bought a bottle. I really hope we do this again soon.

Off to answer the 5th phone call for the day from the kids. 15 days until they leave for Florida. 20 days until I miss them so much I want them to come home early.

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  1. Anonymous Bliss posted at 11:35 AM  
    I laughed when I read your post on Summer boredom and kids. My kiddo does the same thing.

    My mother had an excellent cure for Summer boredom. If we ever dared utter that we were bored, she would give us some really icky household chore to do. It didn't take my sisters and me long to learn to find something, anything to do OUTSIDE. Hee!

    (Then our mother would return to her peaceful routine.)

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