Wednesday, May 11, 2005

See, I'm not so bad

I caved. The Princess has talked me out of marching band. In a very grown-up conversation (meaning she didn't whine, yell or pout), the bottom line was that she really was hating the mere idea of being in marching band. So, I caved. She does want to be in regular band (ha! I knew she still liked it!), so she will stick with that. She likes me again. Well, until I ruin her life some other way. I'm sure it won't take long. I'm not discussing anything about the Baseball Star right now. Things are good and I'll be dammed if I'm going to jinx it. This could be a good mom week if I sleep for the rest of it.

I have a confession to make. Le Clapotis is getting a tad boring. I'm thinking I'll have to do 16 repeats of the straight section to get the width I want and I'm at 13 now. Of course, these last 4 sections are taking FOR-EV-ER (bonus points if you can tell me what movie it is said like that in). I'm thinking I'll have to cast on something new here soon. I wanted to start my Nantasket Basket, but one of my size 10 1/2 dpns has run away from home. So tell me, what shall I choose? The adorable sheep? The bolero jacket (there are only 7 months until Christmas, you know)? Another purse bag? Or suck it up and finish the Clap?

I'll leave you with the funniest thing I have see in a long time. Mega thanks to Pam for starting my day with a laugh. I bring you, Store Wars. Anything that has Obi-Wan Cannoli in it is destined to be hysterical.

Posted by Heather at 11:21 AM


  1. Blogger Mel posted at 6:24 PM  
    Is that from the Sandlot? I love that movie. Especially the For-ev-er kid!
  2. Anonymous Ashley posted at 10:56 AM  
    I am almost ready to put my Sartene tank in a "marination chamber," so I feel your Clap pain. That sounds bad.

    We should meet up, I'll work on your Clapotis, and you can work on my tank top, and it'll be a win-win.

  3. Blogger Soulknitting posted at 8:23 AM  
    OMG---Thanks for the link to "Store Wars," it totally MADE my day!!!

    My Clapotis is also just in the straight section but I'm so glad its jus going well after so many problems...I'm liking boring.


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