Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A Knitting Funk

Ever been in a knitting funk? Well, I am. Can't think of anything I really want to make, yarn isn't inspiring me (try to to be alarmed, I am) and I'm blah about it all. But I WANT to knit. I'm bummed that I can't find the PERFECT yarn for Clapotis. I'm not spending $100 for a scarf, so there goes the yarn it calls for and some suggested substitutes. I washed the baby sweater the other night and fell even more in love with the yarn. It is even softer! Would I be kicked out of all knitting circles if I knit the clap with that? Hmmm...$6 or $100 for a scarf I'll wear about 2 months out of the year. Drawback? Not hand dyed like I really wanted. I love the random look of hand dyed yarn. What to do?

Did you know that there are approximately 4 weeks of school left? That teenagers completely forget how to behave when they have summer on the brain? Someone please explain the following:

1 - How, after 2 years, have we forgotten that we have a bedtime of 9pm (yes, it is early but you try getting them out of bed at 6)? Why is this an issue EVERY FREAKING NIGHT?

2 - Why can't we be civil to each other? If you poured the glass of milk for your brother (because it is your job at dinner), can't you bring it to the table? Why must we have a fight over putting napkins on the table? I know, I just should stop feeding the little monsters darlings.

3 - If I say, "no computer until you practice the flute", why are you suprised when I ground you from said computer because you didn't practice the flute before you got on the computer?

4 - If you don't like the way your sister looks at you, then don't look at her!! (same goes for breathing, walking, talking, living...you get the picture)

Did I mention that they leave for the summer in about 5 weeks? Did I mention I'm losing my mind?

Posted by Heather at 9:57 AM


  1. Blogger Sarah posted at 11:10 AM  
    I will be there way too soon to realize! Ack!
  2. Blogger Creative Genius? posted at 11:16 AM  
    Nope- you won't be kicked out... I can't tell you how many times I've used cheap yarns and all the knitting gals still talk to me :-) As far as hand dyed look - why don't you order some natural yarn from KnitPicks - or buy Brown Sheep yarn in a natural color - and dye it youserlf with KoolAid... you can do it for under $20 (including the dye if you buy it at Food City) and you'll have a one of a kind!!!!
  3. Blogger illanna posted at 11:30 AM  
    I was going to comment the same as Alison. Dying the yarn is as fun as knitting it for me! If you look on Ebay, sometimes you can get a bunch of undyed silk, or undyed alpaca, for really cheap. That way, you don't have to do it in boring old wool. On www.knitpixie.com if you sign up for a free account, there is a free pattern for making the clapotis out of Southwest Trading Company's yarns. It's 1 skein of Melody and 1 skein of bamboo held together as one. It looks really cool. Maybe try something different, like that. Then you can get the yarn for FREE!
  4. Blogger HomeJewel posted at 12:47 PM  
    Thank you for the link on foot etiquette. I had been unable to find the source - it is now included in the post.

    As far as dealing with your teens - are you sure you aren't in my house? Take care!
  5. Anonymous Christine posted at 10:24 PM  
    I bought wool from ParadiseFibers.com in the "bargain bin" section - it is the Blue-faced Leicester in Bordeaux. I saw a Clapotis made out of it when I was at SXSW earlier this year, and I ordered it using the free wi-fi with the Clappie owner sitting right next to me. It was soooo soft and so gorgeous, and only $3.99 a skein! I ordered six just to be safe, and it was still under $30 to make it!

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