Sunday, April 10, 2005

It's official

I'm an embarassment to my teenagers. After spending most of the day yesterday quite ill with some stomach thing, this morning we all decided to go to our favorite breakfast place, The Good Egg. Sundays are a bit crazy there and there is always a wait. So, I stuck the newest purse I'm working on into my purse so I wouldn't lose my mind waiting. Hubby read the paper, I pulled my knitting out of my bag to the horror of my children. "Moooommmmm....", they wailed. I ignored them and settled in to wait. They went for a walk. We were seated on the patio, the sun was shining and I finally felt human again. Ordering food on a Sunday morning can take awhile, so I pulled it out again. Again the wailing. You would think I was washing my freaking underwear in the water pitcher. So, a conversation began between my two darling teenagers about what an embarassment I am when I take knitting everywhere. It was quite amusing. They weren't accepting our arguements that no one around could care less, and if they did, I didn't care. Nor that knitting or crochet is an art form and my way of relaxing. Too bad, I knit on.

Since I was ignoring how I was ruining their very lives, I made great progress on the purse. I did put it away to eat, I mean I guess I can't embarass them all the time. Darn.

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  1. Blogger Pam posted at 6:20 PM  
    Aww, your kids are growing up. How sweet.

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