Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Wishing I were in Margaritaville

Nope, didn't disappear. You know how it, work, kids, stomach flu. Before you know it, 3 days have passed. Last night we headed up to the Jimmy Buffett concert - my first. What fun! Wow, never seen that many drunk people in one place at one time! And I think I'm just coming down off my contact high. Whoa... I'm telling you, it was a 3 hour party with awesome music! I will definitely be going to another one. Jimmy can party. However, my stomach did not appreciate being taken out in public so soon, so I'm home today. Knitting and napping...the perfect cure for anything.

I've finally started my little sweater jacket for South West Trading Company. It is really funky and I love the way the colors are coming out. Getting gauge was a total pain. I had to order Crystalite hooks because I couldn't find any locally in the size I needed. I give up on trying to get hooks and needles at Michaels. They never have what I need. If I need needles, Fiber Factory is the best. For crochet hooks, CraftMart is usually pretty good.

I'm going to go recover from my party hangover...err...ummm...stomach flu. It's all Jimmy's fault.

Posted by Heather at 9:08 AM


  1. Anonymous Kate Lathrop posted at 12:23 PM  
    Oh my gosh - a fellow knitting JB fan - glad you enjoyed your first concert. We were there and had a BLAST!


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