Monday, May 09, 2005

Life goes on...

Who decided that the work week should be Monday - Friday and we should work 40 hours a week? I'm thinking that we should work 30 hours a week, make the same amount of money and only work Tuesday - Friday. When The Princess is elected president, that's the first family favor I'm calling in. But then again, Baseball Star will be a Yankee and I won't have to work. Right, kiddo?

Life has been a blur of catching up on sleep, cleaning (did I mention how neurotic I am about cleaning), working my 3rd job as chauffeur for the Teenagers and hanging out with friends. Saturday saw us at our first Kentucky Derby party. Awesome food, great friends and the shortest sporting event ever. Seems as though it is quite the event in Kentucky. The hats we saw on tv were a freaking riot. I mean, do these people LIKE each other? Because I would never let one of my friends walk out of the house in the freak show get-up some of these women were wearing. And if you are looking for examples of plastic surgery gone wrong, you should watch next year. Dear God. Remind me to never have my lips blown up with fat from my ass. Freaking scary, I tell you.

Yesterday was so nice. Breakfast with the in-laws at the crack of dawn at our favorite place - The Good Egg. Of course, everyone in Gilbert went, too. The Princess needed to exchange her beautiful event of the century Promotion Dance dress for another, more beautiful dress. So, off to the mall we went. I only survived knowing I'd be meeting Pam and Melanie for knitting at Coffee Rush. My Mother's Day present to myself - peace and quiet.

In closing, I'll take this opportunity to admit that I have been a bad, bad girl.

yes, kids, more yarn

And I will admit that NOT shown in this picture are the 2 additional skeins of Nature Spun for a purse for my sister for Christmas and the yarn that came in from Knit Happens. In the upper left corner you will see the adorable bolero jacket for my niece, Rylee, for her birthday. I chose Wildflower DK for the yarn. The Tiny Tots colors didn't do anything for me and I knew my sister would ruin it in the wash. Have I started any other projects? Nope. I'm being faithful to the Clapotis. I still love her.

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  1. Anonymous Ashley posted at 1:10 PM  

    LOVING that you are armed for the felt sheepie project. They are SO cute.

    Also glad you found the baby bolero pattern. It is adorable, and super quick. I love that pink you chose. So cute.


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