Thursday, May 05, 2005

Could it please be Friday?

I am just exhausted. It has been a killer week here at Casa de la Cranky Teenagers. Currently, both children hate us. Gee, and here I thought I would make it the week without any drama. Work has been really busy and toss in a few late games for the Star, and I'm one pooped chica.

Work continues on the Clapotis. Yep, I am still in love with her. I'm starting the 9th set of straight repeats. I'll probably go with 13. I want it nice and wide to wrap around my wideness. The Kuryeon and the Lorna's Laces came in on Tuesday. I will definitely be ordering from Knit Happens again. My order came fast and in this very cute bag to protect the yarn. I cast on for another purse bag with the Noro and I love it.

I have to tell you about the nicest thing that has happened to me in a long time. I found this pattern online last night and really fell in love with it, so I contacted the seller so I could buy it from her. Instead, she ROAK'd me and gave me the pattern! I don't know if she would want me to give out her info, so I'm not posting more details. My day was so rough yesterday and I have to admit that her act of total kindness brought tears to my eyes. She made my day.

Oh, and in case you were doubting my klutziness, more proof for you. After writing about my unfortunate DPN incident, I knocked over a full quart of Pepsi all over my desk. I should be kept in a padded room, I swear.

Posted by Heather at 1:20 PM


  1. Blogger Nancy posted at 8:35 PM  
    I hope there were no computers, important documents, or (the horrors!) knitting on your desk at the time of the "Pepsi Incident!"

  2. Blogger illanna posted at 10:05 PM  
    Wow good to know about Knit Happens. What does the cute bag look like?

    I'll be at Cupz on Tuesday. Are you going? Could you email Alison if you are? My internet is down and she'll let me know :) Hope to see you!! Sorry to hear about your wacky accident. I do silly stuff like that all the time ;)

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