Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Note to self

You are a klutz. If you would just admit this and move on, your life would be ever so much easier. But no, you won't. Mind you, this makes you a moron as well. And apparently, you must learn things the hard way. Take for example, last night. Remember when you left your very pointy DPNs on the chair during last nights game and then proceeded to sit on said needles? This makes you BOTH a klutz and a moron. Enough said.

While we are discussing my stupidity, I'll take this time to admit that I left my Clapotis at work. People, I had 3 blissful knitting hours to look forward to during Baseball Star's game. I had to settle for bringing a sock to knit on. With very pointy needles. I'm amazed I didn't impale myself with one while cheering for the Star who had a great up-at-bat.

There is another game tonight, think I can manage to bring the Clap home (ha!! That sounds pretty funny.) so I can knit tonight. One can only hope. Maybe I should staple the bag to my forehead.

Posted by Heather at 4:14 PM


  1. Blogger Pam posted at 5:02 PM  
    What the hell in in the air right now, making all of us draw blood?!?!

    Sorry to hear about your hinder.
  2. Anonymous Eva posted at 5:15 PM  
    Okay, you all need to NOT rub off on me. I'm going to Vegas this weekend, and I refuse to be gimped while I'm there (or before)!

    That said, sorry to hear of the stabbing.
  3. Blogger Creative Genius? posted at 5:28 PM  
    Ahh yes- another memember of the "must not do anything unsupervised club"... currently I am president and Pam is VP... name your position and it's yours!

    Hope you are ok!
  4. Blogger Nancy posted at 8:12 PM  
    Ok, I'm finally getting caught up on my blogs and I've just read your last three posts. You've got me giggling!

    Oh, and I hope your poor kitty is recovering nicely. :-)

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