Friday, June 17, 2005

Bye Mommy...


Well, the day I have both dreaded and looked forward to is here. The Princess and the Baseball Star are on a Southwest flight headed to Tampa for 5 weeks. Last night I snuggled with the Princess while she cried herself to sleep. She cannot bear to be away from the boyfriend for 5 weeks. Teen love...what more can I say?

I miss them already. My life took an abrupt change today. Up until this week I've been a last-minute taxi driver, sitting at baseball and softball games and dealing with "Mooommmm tell him to stooopppp...". Tonight I will go home and the house will be quiet and there will be no one to drop off/pick up at the movies, mall, pool, friends house, mall, movies, practice. What are we going to do with ourselves?

Yea, they can drive me to the brink of insanity (ok, those of you that know me I realize I'm probably already there), but I love them with all my heart and I feel like a piece of me is missing. The Princess wasn't the only one crying last night...

Posted by Heather at 11:19 AM


  1. Blogger Pam posted at 4:18 PM  
    They'll be back before you know it. And probably before you even finish cleaning their rooms.

    Relax, don't worry and if you need to get out of the empty house just give me a call.
  2. Blogger Jack posted at 4:33 PM  
    I remember the tragedy of my boyfriend leaving for 2 weeks the summer I was 15. That seemed like an eternity to me.

    Try to enjoy your quiet time if you can. Such a catch-22, huh? They drive you crazy when they're around but you miss them like crazy when they leave..
  3. Blogger Sarah posted at 7:40 AM  
    This too will pass!

    I know it is tough. Try not to cry too much.

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