Friday, January 06, 2006

More random blabbering

Life at Casa de la Cranky Teenagers continues. They sleep until noon, do nothing all day and whine about doing 5 minutes of chores or plopping some lettuce on a plate. Life is so difficult, isn't it? Back to school in 3 days. I can't wait! Can I take a day off then?

Things have also quieted down, thank God. I've actually finished 2 books - A Million Little Pieces and My Friend Leonard, both by James Frey. I finished the latter at 1am this morning. And cried through the entire end. Both of them are amazing books that have really made an impact on me. I highly recommend both.

I have also been ::gasp:: knitting! I just finished my first Felted Clog (see link in side bar, I'm lazy today) and needed another ball of yarn to start the second. But, when finished, I'll have used 2 skeins from the stash. The pattern is pretty cool. As you are knitting it, you have no idea how it will ever form a clog. But it does! I'll post pictures when I have both done before they get felted.

Also on the needles is the Flower Basket Shawl that has been getting some attention. I'd post an update, but you know lace. Looks like nothing has been accomplished until you block it. But, progress is being made. I just have to figure out how many more repeats I should do for the length I want.

Tomorrow I'll be braving the other insane fiber freaks crowds and heading over to my LYS, Fiber Factory for their only sale of the year. Brian bought me a gift certificate and by attending the sale, I'll get the most out of it. And I have vowed that this will be my (try not to faint here my fellow yarn-hoarding sisters) last yarn purchase (other than if I run out for a project, and I don't really see that happening. I tend to over-purchase for projects.) until a SIGNIFICANT dent is made in the stash. I know, it is a bold and drastic statement. But my stash is just ridiculous. I could knit and crochet all year and not use it up. I think there is enough variety in what I have planned for it that I both won't be bored and have some mindless projects as well.

Wow...did I really just say that tomorrow could be my last yarn purchase for a very, very long time? I better learn to knit/crochet faster!!

Posted by Heather at 10:33 AM


  1. Blogger Jennifer posted at 11:39 AM  
    I've made the same vow about buying yarn. Do you think we can stand it?
  2. Blogger African Kelli posted at 12:34 PM  
    Mmm. I would love to read those books. Good recommendations!
  3. Blogger Sarah posted at 1:00 PM  
    Good luck with the yarn diet!

    Have a good time tomorrow.
  4. Blogger bethanie posted at 5:23 AM  
    Good luck - that's a pretty serious commitment. They should make yarnorette, instead of nicorette.

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