Wednesday, December 14, 2005

11 days?!?

Yikes! How can there be only 11 days until Christmas?!? It is not possible since I have oh, about 25% of my shopping done. And the house is a wreck and I haven't even bought food for Christmas dinner. Did I mention there are ONLY 11 DAYS LEFT?!? Holy kamole peoples. How did I get that 25% done you ask? Online shopping, baby. Let me tell you, next year it is all gonna be online. I used to shy away from the online sink hole of shopping. Afraid of gifts not making it in time, paying outrageous shipping charges and high wrapping charges. Then along came my 2 favorite words this Christmas season. Free Shipping. Wooo weee!! Where is the credit card? Who cares if the $10 Lite Brite costs $4 to wrap? I don't have to fight the crowds to buy it, find a box of the appropriate size, find popcorn so the present doesn't break, wrap the present and then go to the post office to pay shipping. $4 is a steal compared to dealing with all that. Every single member of my family not living here is getting their presents from my new favorite Elves., and I may never leave my house next Christmas. Ha!

My birthday was awesome! I had to work, but it wasn't so bad. I came home to a impromptu gathering of the neighbors with cake, song and presents. Brian cooked an awesome dinner and there were more presents! My tattoo was supposed to be my early present, but the teenagers and Brian also gave me the new Garth Brooks boxed set and the new Scott Stapp (former lead of Creed. Who selfishly broke up and left me.) solo cd. Last night I hooked up with my knitsta friends for a little wine and celebration of mine and Sarah's birthdays. We had so much fun!

Tonight there will be Christmas shopping for the sucking up teenagers. Did I mention the Star has a 2 page (front AND back) color-coded list? 11 days, people. 11.

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  1. Anonymous Ashley posted at 12:03 AM  
    YAY!! Happy Birthday to you! I'll eat lots of sushi soon, in your honor, of course.

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