Monday, December 05, 2005


I know, been awhile since I posted. I've tried a few times, but found I didn't have much to say. Things have been quiet around Casa de Cranky Teenagers (everyone, please knock a few times on something wood, toss salt over your shoulder or light candles) since the Princess is still partially grounded and the Baseball Star will likely never be un-grounded (someone please explain why it is so difficult to do your damn homework on time for full credit as opposed to waiting until right before the deadline to turn in everything for partial credit). We are slowly decorating the house for Christmas (we do it late to give the crazy cats less time to destroy it all) and shopping a little. This weekend we will be heading down to Agua Prieta, Mexico for a food distribution that will feed over 12,000 people. Fortunately, after that, things will really quiet down at work for awhile.

Knitting? Crocheting? After my marathon craftiness weekend I haven't done squat. I think my brain (heh, I typed brian) is just shut down. I'm thinking it is time for a vacation.

Secret Pal 6 is officially coming to a close, but not without some drama. Seems as though this round the hostesses have taken quite a bit of abuse from some cranky people (are they all teenagers?). Which I cannot understand at all. The rules are pretty darn simple and spelled out really well. Why would you sign up for it if you have no plans to follow through? I can understand if you have some horrible emergency happen (like a hurricane tearing apart your house) and cannot contact the hostesses. But if something else comes up and you can't follow through, they give you ample opportunity to contact them so that your pal isn't screwed over. I understand things happen that could force you to drop out (that is why every SP has angels to take over as a spoiler), but to just bail and never tell anyone? That is just wrong. And to get all pissy and send threatening/hostile/bitchy emails to a VOLUNTEER hostess? Jeesh man, get a grip. SP5 was my first and so much fun for me! Cece, who spoiled me really outdid herself. I loved all my surprises and really liked chatting with her. I still chat with Mac, who I spoiled and love reading her blog. This time around I was spoiling Jennifer, and let me tell you, she is so funny! I have loved chatting with her and I feel I've made a new friend. I'm still hoping I didn't screw up her last box because I've never shipped to Canada before sending things to her. My pal? Well, I don't know who she is. I got another certificate as my final gift, but she didn't revel who she was. We never talked in email at all and I've never gotten a response to any email I've sent to her. I'm kind of bummed because part of the fun for SP for me is to make new friends. And I love getting boxes! Sure, spending a gift certificate is fun, but I try to send all kinds of things I think my SP will like based on me getting to know them from their blog.

Jeesh, for someone who couldn't think of what to write, I sure have babbled on.

Oh brother. I just realized why the Teenagers are on their best behavior lately. Christmas in 20 days and the Star has a 2-page color-coded (if only he put as much effort into his school work) list. Duh.

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  1. Blogger Christine posted at 6:34 AM  
    Thanks for the support!
  2. Blogger Colette posted at 11:12 AM  
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  3. Blogger Colette posted at 11:14 AM  
    When you find out the answer to the homework question - clue me in - Spent this last weekend with cranky twin who owes 8 - yes 8 - homeworks and forgot his book in school so he did no homework except write an essay on a part of his culture - he chose the Twinkie.
  4. Blogger Jen posted at 2:43 PM  
    I'm with you on the ass kicking good job the sp hostesses did.

    the comments are offensive...

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