Friday, December 23, 2005

A sad day

In the midst of his happy holiday season, today is a very sad day. As many of you know (and my neighbors can attest to after hearing my Sunday scream-fest at the TV), I am a HUGE football fan. I'm glued to the TV every Sunday and have been since I was about 8 years old. My son was born while I was watching the Bucs beat the Bears (I think I might have missed a play or two). I've been a Steelers fan from the beginning, choosing them over the Eagles when living in a small South Jersey town. When we moved to Tampa, I also became a Bucs fan. Every December I would be in my glory because my 2 favorite teams would play. Many times I would get to go, but cheered my Steelers on because they were my first love.

Things started to finally look up for the Bucs with the arrival of a new coach, Tony Dungy. We adored him. He was so much different from any coach in the NFL. He didn't yell, scream and have hissy fits on the sidelines. He was all class, all the time. My kids, especially my son, adored him. Their elementary school voted him Staples Coach of the Week and he won. To thank the kids, he came out for the entire day giving a speech and signing autographs for every single child and adult that wanted one. He hugged the kids and spent time talking with each one. Like I said, he was there all day until each child got to spend time with him. My kids were near last and he couldn't have been nicer. My son has really looked up to him and we have all followed him to cheering for the Colts. I've even said that I would support the ::barf:: Cardinals if he came out here. If it's the Cowgirls, though, he is on his own. It will snow in hell before I cheer them on.

Right now my heart is breaking for the Dungy family. It appears that Tony's son was found Thursday morning dead from an apparent suicide. As a parent I cannot even imagine their heartbreak. Our family has dealt with the tragedy of both losing someone to suicide and nearly losing a very dear friend in such a tragic way. My thoughts, prayers and love go out to the Dungy family. I hope they know how many people love them and are praying for them.

In a time where there is so much fighting over the stupidest shit ever - how we wish someone a good holiday, who gets what present, which family member will annoy you this year, what we are eating, finding the perfect gift - perhaps this might be a good time to hug our loved ones closer and love each other a little better than we have been. Life is so fragile and so short, why spend it in such unhappiness?

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  1. Blogger Jennifer posted at 2:12 PM  
    I heard about this too. RM is a huge football fan as well. It's so sad.
  2. Blogger Jody posted at 9:01 PM  
    Heard it on the news this morning. As a parent, it's the saddest thing I can imagine. Life is just too short...I wish that everyone would realize that, and get along with each other, whether family, friends, neighbors, coworkers,etc.
  3. Blogger Lulu posted at 9:44 AM  
    i heard it on the very sad...
  4. Anonymous Bliss posted at 2:27 AM  
    Although I am not normally a football fan, of course it was constantly on the news here in Indiana. As a parent, my heart just broke for them over their tragic loss - made even more poignant because of the holiday that will forever be a reminder.
  5. Blogger Theresa posted at 9:35 PM  
    Not to change the subject, but I saw your post on the knitlist about your trip to San Diego. Can you let me know if you find anything good yarn-wise when you go? I'm moving there this spring.

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