Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Because I went to the mall. Can I admit something? Something that will shock my fellow women friends? I hate shopping. Hate it. Really. Brian truly loves this about me. I want to get in, get what I came for and leave. Christmas crowds drive me crazy. But, I braved the crowds at the mall and knocked out all my "mall shopping" for the kids and hubby. I'd say we are about 90% done. And in case you missed it, online shopping rocks and doesn't count toward my hatred of shopping.

See, now that all the shopping is almost out of the way, I'm happy about Christmas! However, I still need to buy the food for the dinner of 13 people and clean house. Oh, and celebrate my anniversary on the 24th. Yes, I got married last year at Christmas. But that, is another post for another day. Give ya something to look forward to, you know?

Knitting? None. Crocheting? None. But I have the week off after Christmas off and I'll knit and crochet to my hearts content.

Posted by Heather at 4:37 PM


  1. Anonymous Bliss posted at 7:30 AM  
    I too never liked to shop, even before the MS made it nearly impossible.

    Online shopping...oh yeah! I do almost all my shopping that way now. Entirely too easy though when it comes to yarn - hee!

    Happy upcoming anniversary! DH and I will be married 21 years on Dec. 22nd.
  2. Anonymous eva posted at 10:10 AM  
    I'm so with you! Did you know that you can do grocery shopping online??
  3. Blogger Lulu posted at 4:56 PM  
    me too, hate to shope..i like to go in early in the morning and get out..i hate crowds, i hate malls..

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