Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Let the party begin!!

Wooo weee!! I bought the last Christmas present today! Can you hear my joyful song from my roof? Done, done, done! Yipee! If you are looking this way, however, don't look at my house. It is scary in here. I think I've done 437 (or maybe 438) loads of laundry and picked up the same crap 5 times today. However today was not without it's drama (did you expect any less from me?). Brian broke his glasses, so a good $250 and change was dropped at LensCrafters for a new pair. Because we didn't have enough to do and a million other things to pay for. But, he needed them so it wasn't all bad.

Nope. No pictures today. Yea, I suck. Soon as things calm down 'round these parts I have lots to share. Crafty presents from friends (sheepie things!), a little knitting (ok, very little) and general wonderfulness.

To those of my friends that celebrate, Happy Solstice! May today be a day of new beginnings, happiness and love.

Posted by Heather at 6:13 PM


  1. Anonymous Becky posted at 1:35 AM  
    Happy holidays! :-)
  2. Blogger Jen posted at 9:32 AM  
    congratulations!!!! happy holidays!

    I'm moving into the final countdown - aka: holiday booze shopping.

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