Friday, January 27, 2006

It's Friday, baby!

What a long week! Is it just me, or has this week dragged on FOR.EV.ER? Ugh. Thank you so much for all of your kind comments. I am so happy about my car, I can't even begin to tell you. I keep thinking about this summer and how I might not actually be able to make beef jerky in my car. This could be the first summer without be becoming a miserable shrew every day when I drive home from work.

Other than hanging out with my knitter friends, I haven't knit or crocheted all week. That is just sad. I'm thinking I'll have to make up some knitting time this weekend. Right after I handwash and wax my baby. Did I mention yet that I LOVE my car? Not just short-term lust, this is full-out love. I freak out about every spec of dust and lint on the seat. I'm contemplating seat covers and Scotchguarding everything. Yes, I am a freak.

Even though I haven't had time to knit, progress on the socks is moving fast. I'm working on the heels and should be able to turn them this weekend. I think the foot goes quite quickly, so I'll bet that I should have a pair of socks to wear on Monday.

If I don't knit a car cozy, that is. Heh

Posted by Heather at 11:02 AM


  1. Blogger Sarah posted at 11:59 AM  
    I am totally waiting for the car cover to come!
  2. Blogger Tempe Yarn and Fiber posted at 10:09 AM  
    It's right that you take some time to enjoy the new addition to your family. Your stash will be there when you need it!
    I'm glad your looking forward to the store opening. I'll ask the partners for varification of my thoughts on the matter.... and put a countdown ticker on the blog!

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