Thursday, January 26, 2006

My new baby

I am SO happy! Last night (at 10:30, ugh!) I delivered brought home my new baby.

new car

A 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe, in Nautical Blue. With tan interior, in case you were wondering. It might as well have been a delivery for how long it took. And that was with being friends with the dealer and having everything all set up for us!! 3 hours. But, she is all mine now. I'm so excited, this is my first brand new car in like 18 years. So that is what that "new car smell" is!

I love her. Now, she needs a name. And my Steelers license plate.

Posted by Heather at 7:24 AM


  1. Blogger Cece posted at 7:41 AM  
    Hey - remember when you asked commented and asked me to model that Roundtrip sweater I made? Well - I finally have a picture up of someone (not me) wearing it.

    And new car smell... you are right - super nice, huh?
  2. Blogger Jennifer posted at 7:55 AM  
    Congrats on the new ride! Very nice.
  3. Anonymous eva posted at 7:58 AM  
    Whee hoo!
  4. Blogger Mel posted at 8:20 AM  
    She's a beauty! Congratulations!
  5. Blogger Sarah posted at 8:20 AM  
    Fantastic. I guess you'll be driving on Saturday!
  6. Blogger African Kelli posted at 10:27 AM  
    So cool! That is wonderful Heather. :)
  7. Blogger Creative Genius? posted at 3:16 PM  
    Oh congrats -that's wonderful!! And I bet it's the first new baby you've brought home in so many years that doesn't require you to be up all night and you don't have to yell at it to clean it's room or do it's chores!! Bonus!
  8. Blogger photogmichelle posted at 3:25 PM  
    beautiful!!!! You deserve it!!
  9. Blogger Jody posted at 5:48 AM  
    Mazel Tov!!! Quite a beautiful baby!!!

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