Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Curse

The Princess has stolen my slippers (I'm sure there is some warped fairy tale in there, somewhere). Anytime they are off my feet, they are on hers. She wants her own pair. In light pink and hot pink, knit just like mine. Which would be fine, if there wasn't The Curse.

What is The Curse, you so innocently ask? must have never knit for a teenage girl (or soon to be teenager someday, right Sarah?). You see, if I make them, the minute they are off the needles, she won't like them anymore. Ask her about the camouflage (her pick, not mine) tank top she HAD to have that I crocheted for her. Or the calf-length cardigan thing (knitting machine, I'm not that stupid). Or the red, white and blue sweater she "really loves, Mom". All worn once, at the most. She loves whatever item I'm making until it comes time for her to actually WEAR said item.

Do I assume the curse has worn off since I've refused to make her anything in the last 3 years? Do I make them knowing that they won't match my robe when I wind up getting them back?

Or do I make them because I love her so very much that you know damn well I'm going to the yarn store at lunch?

And have just broken diet number 2 (damn peanut butter cups).

Posted by Heather at 1:25 PM


  1. Blogger photogmichelle posted at 3:02 PM  
    who cares if she doesn't like them, you know you'll still wear them. She'll like them though, they are super cute. Have fun yarn shopping!!!!! That is why I never agreed to a yarn diet.
  2. Blogger Jennifer posted at 3:14 PM  
    Don't tell me there's a curse. My daughter is still very little (17 months) but I'm looking forward to knitting for her for years to come. There's a curse? Really?
  3. Blogger Dene posted at 3:40 PM  
    Been there, done that as far as the curse. BTW- they do become human again sometime in their 20s :) Mine is now 26 and loves her handknits. Have fun at the yarn shop :)
  4. Blogger Mac posted at 10:15 AM  
    I have a teenage cousin like that. The bad thing is that she chooses absolutely hideous things for me to knit. Some ugly ass Vogue sweater in super chunky, this last time. Luckily I talked her out of it.

    Seriously, hideous.
  5. Blogger Sarah posted at 9:13 AM  
    I hear your pain.

    Maybe she can just keep the blue ones and you knit a new pink pair for you...then she is sure to LOVE the pink ones.
  6. Blogger btchwstix posted at 10:08 AM  
    Been there. Done that. There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, however. The small shawl that she HAD to have two years ago is now a scarf that she will not leave the house without.

    Must be a circle of life thing.

    Happy New Year!
  7. Blogger Jody posted at 5:35 PM  
    Don't give up. When my daughter was a teen she wouldn't even listen to a suggestion that I knit for her. And look at her now...she totally outknits me and wears something knitted just about every day.

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