Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Stepping out from the pile

Of work that is. Whoa, who ever knew that organizing a major fundraiser (along with a minor one) could be so much work? It's all these little freaking details that are putting me over the edge. Knitting? Ha! I'm brain dead by the time I get home. Won't you all be glad in a month when it is over and I stop bitching about work? Heh.

Things remain calm in Casa de Cranky Teenagers. I think they realize I'm already at Defcon 4 and are being nice to me. Minimal drama, kitchen is being done in less than 3 hours and I haven't ruined anyone's life in awhile. Wow, can ya believe it? Maybe this fundraiser thing is good?

However, I have been sucked into CNN since Sunday. I cannot tear myself away from the hurricane coverage. Sure puts a bad day in perspective. Least I'm not sitting in my attic while water is up to my waist swirling with shit and God know what else in it waiting to be rescued. My sister's father-in-law is a cop in Slidell, Louisiana. His wife and daughter evacuated to Tampa, he had to stay. Slidell is one of the worst hit areas and we haven't heard from him. Scary.

Peace and happiness, my friends.

Posted by Heather at 3:20 PM


  1. Blogger Cece posted at 8:24 AM  
    Your final package will be at your doorstep today! It's been lots of fun being your pal!
  2. Anonymous Rox posted at 12:46 PM  
    Hoping your sisters FIL is ok, I'm sure he is. I imagine law enforcement officials just have been working 24/7 - not to mention finding a working phone.

    Sending all my prayers their way..

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