Thursday, July 14, 2005


I just found a new sock yarn company, Simply Socks Yarn Company and I love it! I placed my order late Friday afternoon and I got my order yesterday. Now that is fast! For some strange reason, we have a really crappy selection of sock yarn available to us here in the desert. Not only do they have a great selection, but Allison is really sweet and a joy to work with! I know I'll be ordering from there again and again get it.

While I'm blabbering on about my latest yarn purchase (there goes yet another diet!), I really need to say thank you to someone else out there.


Taken at orpahanage in Agua Prieta, Mexico.

I truly have the kindest, sweetest and most patient husband in the entire world. When I opened yet another box of yarn I said I wasn't going to order, he just smiled and didn't say a word. He didn't mention the 4 Rubbermaid tubs full of yarn that take up all the storage space in our shared bedroom closet. He didn't mention the 20+ projects I already have planned. He didn't mention all the money I must spend on yarn. Brian is my biggest supporter in anything I want to do, try, think I want to do. And he is my best friend. 5 years ago this month we took that scary step from being "just friends" to a life filled with more happiness than my sad life had ever known. Happy Anniversary babe...I love you more every day. Even though you steal the covers and hog the bed. Oh, and snore :)

Posted by Heather at 11:22 AM


  1. Anonymous Eva posted at 4:48 PM  
    Okay, I'm going to cry now. That is so sweet. (And damnit, he'd better not say anything about the yarn... or I'll have to have some words with him. ;) )
  2. Blogger Mel posted at 10:41 PM  
    Happy Anniversary to the both of you! Your happiness is making me smile :-)
  3. Blogger Sarah posted at 8:46 AM  
    Happy Anniversary!

    I am glad that Brian is so cool about your yarn addiction!!!!

    Have a great day!
  4. Anonymous Allison posted at 11:52 AM  
    Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you have a wonderful husband and a relationship worth celebrating!!! Though tomorrow we know you will be celebrating the new Harry Potter book....
  5. Blogger defiant goddess posted at 12:26 PM  
    A friend of mine is really into knitting and crocheting. Her blog is at Maybe you two can be friends! :)

    I used to live in AZ. Chandler is very nice.

    Take care!

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