Monday, August 08, 2005

Circus monkeys

Life has been a tad crazy in mi casa. School clothes shopping (it's over, it's really over!!), working 50 hours last week and the circus monkeys that share our home. Remember how I was telling you about my darling kitties and how they have learned how to get into my plant shelves? Proof. Tigger is the orange one (forgive the unoriginal name. We adopted him out as a baby and gave him that temporary name. It stuck when we got him back) and Sadie (who is a boy, don't ever take a kitten to Pet Stupid to figure out the sex) is the white one.

circus monkeys

They jump up, they jump down. They jump up and fight up there and knock my shit over. In the middle of the night. "Heather, close your bedroom door.", you say? Oh no, because then all 4 (yes, I have 4 cats) of them cry outside the door and scratch up my carpet and doorjams because they miss us so much.

If this wasn't proof enough that they are freaking circus monkeys, I give you this.


The hubby put up our new ceiling fan (replacing that fugly light monstrosity) yesterday. Sadie decided to help. That is a 10 foot ladder. Even funnier was watching him get back down. Tigger decided Sadie was an idiot and didn't try it himself.

And you people wonder why I'm nuts? Remind me to delight you with stories of school shopping next. Because I'm sure you want to hear all about how a teenage girl, who shall remain nameless ::cough:: Stephanie ::cough::, can go to 2 malls, 5 non-mall stores and come out with just 2 skirts and 2 shirts.

Knitting? Crocheting? hahahahaha...yea, right. I'm way behind on email and blogs again, too. Sorry!! I'm trying to catch up.

Posted by Heather at 9:13 AM


  1. Blogger emy posted at 11:34 AM  
    How did Sadie manage to come down later?
  2. Blogger Sarah posted at 12:21 PM  
    Wow, those cats are some climbers!

    Is that all the shopping Stephanie needs to do for the WHOLE school year?
  3. Anonymous Rox posted at 7:15 PM  
    Thanks so much for your sweet email. Made my day. Ah - wth ... made my week! :)

    Loving the cats/circus monkeys - how do they get up there anyway? Jump? More importantly - how do they get down. I'm imagining a bed or sofa nearby that they dive onto - or maybe...since they are circus monkeys and all.... they have a safety net?

    Loving the baby blanket too. Is that crochet?

    Thanks again - got ya marked and I'll be visiting again soon!

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