Friday, July 22, 2005

I ain't no pixie

After seeing that skinny Weather Pixie chick all over blogs, I ventured over to take a look at the pixie for my area.

The WeatherPixie

Let's review the pixie. First off, she hasn't updated since 9 something this morning. No biggie. Except for the fact that at 9 something this morning it was 100 freaking degrees. It is now 108 here (but the "feels like" temperature is 107. Wow...I can feel the cooling trend already. Oh yea, and the other night when watching the weather, the weather moron said "temperatures will be plummeting from the 110's to the low 100's". Plummeting?!? WTF?? Plummeting would mean I could actually walk to the mailbox without getting dizzy. Plummeting would mean it is actually pleasant outside. Moron.). Shouldn't she be sitting under a tree, fanning herself with her checkbook and drinking some bottled water? Or at least in a pool trying to cool off? Second, she looks better than me in that bathing suit and that just pisses me off.

Obviously I don't have enough work to do today.

Posted by Heather at 2:45 PM


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