Tuesday, August 02, 2005

1 week, 3 days

That is exactly how long it took me to lose my mind since the kids came home. Ok, which one of you won the pool? Last night we took the kids to go clothes shopping for school. Now, the Princess' idea of shopping is to look through racks and racks and racks of clothes at 15 different stores while I stand there watching and come home with 1 outfit. Yes, one. And dare I want to go look at something in the store to relieve my sanity. Because that is when the little Princess pulls out the damn cell phone I bought her to CALL ME FROM ACROSS THE STORE and tell me to come be with her. So I can watch her shop. Because we all know I can't suggest anything to her as my taste obviously sucks. And she won't let me make fun of the ugly stuff either. Meanwhile Baseball Star has 2 outfits and is bored. Hubby is bored. I'm insane.

One would think that after such ordeal a lovely evening shopping with the kids, that I would be able to go home and go to bed and relax. No my dear friends, this was not to be. You see, those sweet little kitties that I rescued from certain death in a storm drain last year have forgotten that I saved their lives. Because now they have learned to jump up to the plant shelves in my bedroom. Did I mention I have vaulted ceilings and they are really high shelves? Oh, and they just don't go up there for a little nap and play nice. We have to fight up there. And knock the pottery I bought in Mexico on my honeymoon over. And since one shelf isn't enough, they have their sights set on the one in the dining room. In doing this, they broke picture frames as their jumping landed them back on the buffet. You see what is happening, right? The kids drive us nuts during the day, the cats take over at night. It is a freaking conspiracy I tell you.

Posted by Heather at 11:44 AM


  1. Blogger Sarah posted at 3:14 PM  
    Hmmm...sounds normal at your house!

    I can't believe the Princess and her shopping...that she wants you to watch but make no good or bad comments!!!!

    Ok....I can.
  2. Anonymous Ashley posted at 7:29 AM  
    Sounds like time to invest in squirt bottles full of ice water. You could use 'em on the cats, too.
  3. Blogger Soulknitting posted at 1:43 PM  
    It's the heat. It's 72* here today in Snohomish, WA. AND I say the Yarn Harlot yesterday in Seattle. (I'm now running and ducking....)
  4. Blogger Jody posted at 7:22 AM  
    You'll be amazed that when the Princess turns 21, you'll suddenly become brilliant and have wonderfully good taste. Of course, it took my Polly Princess a little longer...she discovered that I had some good points when she was about 27...some are slow learners!! For a short time when my son was 14, I had to walk 3 feet in front of him, lest we be thought of as being together. Don't get discouraged...go with the flow, and this too shall pass!

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