Friday, September 02, 2005

I think I understand

Now I get it. Here I am wondering why the director of FEMA, Michael Brown, is so inept at doing his job. Prior to his short career at FEMA (which I hope is now over)he was a bar examiner on ethics and professional responsibility for the Oklahoma Supreme Court and as a hearing examiner for the Colorado Supreme Court. I'm sorry, how does that qualify you to head FEMA? Now, I might be wrong here but if I were hiring for that position, I would want someone with many, many years of experience in disaster response at SOME level. Oh wait, here it is...courtesy of FEMA's website. His background in state and local government also includes serving as an assistant city manager with emergency services oversight and as a city councilman. Sure sounds like President Shrub's good 'ol boy network at it again.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is desperately trying to help his city and at the end of his rope. Who can blame the guy? He thinks he will get in "trouble" for all the things he said. I sure as hell hope not. Because he is only saying what many of us are sitting in our living rooms are saying and what other politicians should be saying instead of patting themselves on the back for a job well done.

I just read that 4 days after the storm, A Convoy of soldiers and supplies moves into New Orleans. About damn time. For all those who have drown, starved or died from injuries it is just a little too late. And what about the other small little towns?

This is a massive clusterfuck. Think FEMA will learn from this should it happen again? Somehow, I doubt it. But I'm sure there will be some bullshit Senate Review Hearings that will look nice in the media and accomplish nothing in the long run.

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  1. Blogger Kirsten posted at 1:56 PM  
    Heather I followed the links on Bossy Little Dog's blog post today and learned some stuff about what has happened to FEMA - makes me sick that people with no qualifications are doing such important jobs. ( My husband also sent me this link today:
    Look at the Sept. 1 post. I hope multiple heads roll for this screw up. Thanks for posting your thoughts.

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